Job Card

Ace Striker Job Card [Guide]

Pros and Cons

Boost to 2 different elements Does not deal as much as specialized jobs such as mage
Has 2 sources of granting Haste to himself
Gains Mage affinity when maxed


The Ace Striker is the 1st Legend Job in Mobius FF! While this job can only be obtained by purchasing the premium currency, it is still one of the more versatile jobs in the game currently.

One of the more interesting things about this job is that on his last panel, there is a job skill “Mage Lore” which grants the Ace Striker affinity with Mage abilities! This means that you can equip mage abilities on Ace Striker, who is a warrior class and still reap the bonuses from his magic stat!

While this may not seem as much since most abilities can be purchased from the store, there are some mage abilities that are stronger than the warrior counterparts (eg, lcie Brand). Another scenario is rolling a mage card instead of a warrior card, this can somewhat reduce the RNG needed when trying to draw Early Acquisition cards.



As far as warrior jobs go, Ace Striker has the highest magic stat in global so far, and on top of that he gets 100% boost to both water and wind elemental damage.

Furthermore, he is able to use both warrior and mage abilities, allowing for some fine tuning of certain abilities to suit the purpose better.

His ultimate is Blitz Ace, dealing multiple hits to a single target followed by an area attack, and granting enhanced haste to himself after the barrage of attacks. The combination of ST and AoE makes this ultimate suitable for both scenarios and can also be used early during a turn to boost actions through haste.

[Bloodthrist] Increases damage by 15% during Break.
[Elemental Retriveal] Draws 1 random element orb on use.
[Guard Breaker] Damages Break gauge even when resisted.

[Break Exploiter] Increases damage of weakness element by 25% during Break.
[Elemental Return] 50% chance of refunding 1 orb of the element used. 100% if weakness.
[Weakness Breaker] Increases damage to break gauge by 20% if weakness.

Mage and warrior abilities might have the same power, but there are minor differences in their extra skills. Mage abilities deals more damage and break if you can hit weaknesses due to [Break Exploiter] & [Weakness Breaker]. While warrior abilities are more well rounded. This means you should prioitize mage abilites over warrior abilites for damage if you can hit weaknesses. Otherwise, a neutral warrior ability would be better than a neutral mage ability due to [Bloodthirst].


SP Deck Example

When building a deck for the Ace Striker, try to prioritize water/wind for damage due to his 100% enhancement in those elements. A debuff can be placed on the 3rd slot to help out with dps, Paine FFX is a good pick with its debarrier without cooldown, otherwise, Hecatoncheir would suffice.

This card can also be replaced by a defensive Pupu or a support card as you see fit.

As for last Support card, faith is considered of the better supports for damage. For a more defensive style, drain/pure healing cards can be considered. One useful tactic is to hold off on healing until you reach low HP to trigger Clutch Haste + Barrier before healing up.

The Ace Striker also has an healing ability that triggers after each wave of enemies in a dungeon, this isnt something you should rely on, but its useful especially in longer dungeons or tower/chaos vortex.

MP Deck Example

As an attacker, your role is to redude the yellow break gauge and to kill off the boss during the break phase. A break defence force card reduces break gauges nicely, and a warrior type will do so even when resisted, making them preffered over mage types for reducing yellwo gauge.

Mage abilities are still favored over warriors for hitting weakness, also the Ace Striker is water and wind focused, if using a wind deck, just replace the above with the wind counterparts.


Level HP Attack Break Power Magic (%)
0 540 40 30 0
50 1080 78 62 10
100 1620 117 94 20
150 2160 155 126 30



Lv Ultimate Gauge Attack Break Power Crit Chance Extra Effects
9 1500 300 * Haste



Skill Panels

  • Skill Panel 1
Ace Striker
New Job
Resist Water
Break Power
Elemental Starter
Enhance Wind
Break Power
Elemental Starter
Advert Action Loss
Ultimate Enhance
Lv. Up
New Weapon

Total Skillseeds

Total Stats

Attack +20HP +200Resist Water +5%Break Power +10Elemental Starter +2Enhance Wind +10%Magic +20%Advert Action Loss +20%