FF Mobius Dissidia Legend Card Review

Dec 10, 2016 by Ghuanda
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And yet another group of legend ability cards are around the corner! This time, its from the Dissidia game. In JP, the cards were separated into 2 groups. 1 group was given free to players throughout the campaign, while the other was gatcha based.

Due to the total amount of cards (14) and SE’s cash grabbing tendencies, it is possible that these cards will be all thrown into a banner much like Type-0, or they might just exclude some of the cards entirely much like how some of the FFRK were excluded previously

For now, Lets take a look at the group that was placed in gatcha in the JP version. This group consists of 4 fast learners and 2 cards that can be taken to 5*, both which is what people should be aiming for for the long term.

Zidane: Dissidia (ST Ranger 5*)

Rarity Power Break Cost Seeds
5* 1080 60 3x Water +56 Water Seeds
4* 792 44 3x Water +28 Water Seeds
3* 612 34 4x Water +24 Water Seeds

This is essentially a ranger version of Jecht Shot, if you thought Jecht shot was great on your warriors, you will most likely love Zidane on your rangers. In addition, Zidane has an extra skill that allows the damage to ignore a certain portion of enemy defense during a critical hit, making this damage card even better. These ST high damage focused cards stay relevant for a long time as they are very universal. In addition, this card might be useful for Dancers in the next tower as there will be a fire boss (probably relevant up till stage 70+).

  • Verdict: No reason not to try for this card especially if you have a ranger to utilize it.

Lightning: Dissidia (AoE Mage 5*)

Rarity Power Break Cost Seeds
5* 900 450 4x Wind +56 Wind Seeds
4* 690 345 4x Wind +28 Wind Seeds
3* 510 255 3x Wind +24 Wind Seeds

An AoE card that is more inclined towards damage, this card feels a lot like AoE versions of the Sicarius cards. (999 power 450 Break for 4 orbs at 5*) It is probably one of the more efficient cards costwise when dealing with multiple enemies. This card is will be useful in SP against multiple enemies, but not so against Ochu/microchus, which are one of the more common sources of swarms. MP wise, we are unable to use this card to its full extent at the moment as it is tough to break multiple enemies at once. It still serves as a decent damage dealing card against Hashmal.

  • Verdict: A decent card to look out for if you don’t already have your Odin Sicarius maxed, might be more useful later in MP when players become stronger and break guardians and bosses faster. Serves SP purposes well.

Firion: Dissidia (ST Ranger 4+*)

Rarity Power Break Cost Seeds Effect
4+* 400 400 4x Wind +28 Dark Seeds Drain on hit

Firion is the 1st ability card that offers a drain effect on hit, the percentage drained is unknown right now, but this card offers an additional method of sustainability especially of Dancers who are looking to climb towers. The only drawback of the card is that it doesn’t break the 9999 damage limit.

  • Verdict: The drain effect might be useful for sustainability/turtling builds, not recommended for damage dealing.

Squall: Dissidia (AoE Warrior 4+*)

Rarity Power Break Cost Seeds Effect
4+* 550 50 4x Fire +16 Light Seeds, +12 Dark Seeds AoE

A no frills AoE damage focused card, much like the previous Type-0 AoE cards, except Squall is a direct upgrade over them, costing 1 less orb and having 50 more power.

  • Verdict: Not a card you would want to draw from a gatcha, but still useful for players starting out as its a fast learner.

Y'shtola: Dissidia (ST Mage 4+*)

Rarity Power Break Cost Seeds Effect
4+* 220 200 4x Fire +28 Light Seeds Debarrier + Debrave

Y’shtola offers 2 debuffs (Debrave + Debarrier) on top of dealing some amounts of damage, debarrier itself is a nice debuff and debrave will reduce you damage taken somewhat. This ability does not gain extra skills that boost the duration or chance of applying the debuffs, hence you might have a hard time sticking the debuffs or using them to set up a large hit. Also, at a 4 orb cost, its slightly too high for the low damage it offers.

  • Verdict: the 1st multi-debuff card doesn’t look to be too useful, its fast learner status does not help it much due to the low damage, might have its niche uses.

Warrior of Light: Dissidia (Support 3+*)

Rarity Cost CD Effect
3+* 3x Heart Orbs 5 Turns Wall + Barrier

The combination of wall and barrier is what makes Tyro/Hellgate so good as a defence card, however, what makes those card really shine is their cooldown (3 Turns at 5*) and extra skills (life orb refund / extended buffs), both which WoL is serverely lacking in. At 3*, this card has a CD of 5 turns, and a 2 turn downtime is much too long for one to rely on it. (Assuming the buffs last 3 turns)

  • Verdict: Buffs combination is good but downtime is much too long. Not recommended

Should I Pull?

Assuming SE releases these 6 cards as a gatcha banner, cards to look out for are Zidane and possibly Lightning or Firion.

I recommend players to take a shot at this banner if you main a ranger class who uses water. New players can also consider for the mix of long term and short term cards available. With legend jobs now locked behind 12k magicite purchases, hoarding magicite is not as important anymore.

Any recommendations and comments are welcome!


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    1. WHY. Why the @@@@ is the damage focus card water again. Anyways, thanks for the post, love what you are doing here, keep up the good work

    2. We are waiting for the next card review. There will
      Be 3 batch card till january 2017.
      Keep up the good work. We always reading before buying. Kupo…

    3. Managed to get both Lightning and Zidane. It’ll be a while before I can get the ability tickets to maxed them at 5* T_T. So far I’ve taken a liking to Lightning than Zidan purely of the AOE effect

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