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Nov 27, 2016 by Ghuanda
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The new batch of abilities that were released sees a new debuff come into play! This time its a debuff that lowers the enemies’ defense against break! An example is Orcus, a ST mage ability shown below.


These abilities are break focused and can reduce the yellow break gauge by a significant amount, also applying the debuff which makes your auto attacks shave the break gauge faster. So how good is this new debuff?

NOTE: Since there is no numerical feedback for the break gauge, the results below are a only a rough gauge.

The Test

To try and determine the effect of this debuff, a specific stage and monster was picked.

The 1st stage in the Chaos Vortex – Fury Unchained always spawns a Red Dragon on the 1 battle and this was chosen for the testing


Since there are no numerical feedback for the break gauge, the only way to gauge the effectiveness of the debuff was by eyeballing it and comparing it to other situations. Screenshots were also taken and a measurement of the break gauge (no. of pixels) were done.

So what was actually done?

  1. Counting the number of attacks required to break the red gauge.
  2. Counting the number of attacks required to break the yellow gauge.
  3. Repeating 1 & 2, with Break Def Down, Boost, and Pupu.
  4. Using a software to count the number of pixels of the break gauge (estimation)

Effect on Red Gauge

Below are 4 screenshots taken after attacking the red gauge once. From left to right.

1) No buffs/debuffs
2) Break Defense down
3) Boost
4) Weakness Pupu


For easier comparison, the break bars were extracted and place together, for a rough estimation, the pixels were counted to gauge how much better/worse each buff/debuff was with respect to each other.

  • NOTE: A full break gauge was found to have 111 pixels.


Hits to break Red Pixels Black Pixels Increase in red gauge damage (Approximate)
Normal 4 81 30  
Break Def Down 3 67 44 50%
Boost 3 52 59 100%
Pupu 2 66 45 50%
BDF + Boost 2 22 89 200%

From this we can estimate the effect of the Break Def Down to be approximately a 50% in crease to the red bar damage, which is pretty decent seeing that its not tied to a cooldown.

Effect on Yellow Gauge

The same thing was done on the yellow gauge, attacking once with the buffs/debuffs. This was slightly tricky becasue applying the break def down debuff would reduce the yellow gauge too. To solve this problem, the monster was broken once and allowed to regenerate the full yellow bar.yellow


  Hits to break Yellow Pixels Black Pixels Increase in yellow break gauge damage (Approximate)
Normal 18 105 6  
Break Def Down 12 102 9 50%
Boost 10 100 11 100%
Pupu 5 89 22 260%
BDF + Boost 6 93 18 200%



  1. Break defense down debuff is approximately a 50% increase in damage to both the red and yellow gauge.
  2. Boost is a 100% to break gauge damage
  3. Break Def Down and Boost are multiplicative
  4. Pupus seem tohave different effects on the red and yellow gauge

This new debuff is a decent way to increase the speed of breaking enemies especially in multiplayer since you are not dependent on life orbs to cast boost. Its essentially a mini and more accessible form of boost.


Breakers with wind could consider combining this with 4Wol for a huge increase in break power, for a total of a 200% increase in the break damage.

However, since these cards are more suited for Attackers to shave off the yellow gauge, since it pretty much just replaces the break card that most attackers bring to MP. This debuff would help save a lot of time during MP battles especially since actions generation is reduced in 3* as compared to 2*. Every bit of break power counts.


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