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The Battle Tower Karma Season is a monthly tower event featuring a variety of powerful rewards and a ladder ranking that provides further rewards depending on your rank. The tower is a series of progressively more difficult boss battles where the bosses have increased defences and damage.

The main boss in this tower is the Tonberry King, which is of a water element. Achieving the top 500 in the tower rewards you with a unique item only accessible via the tower, the Lucky Egg, which gives an increased gil and Crystal drop rate.



The Tonberry tower gives access to the Tonberry card which can be used to augment the skill Blizzara on Famfrit and the Tonberry King card which can be used to augment the skill Blizzaga on Shiva.

Level Rewards
5 1 Phoenix Down
10 500 fire, water, wind and earth skillseeds
15 1 Ability Ticket + 1 Elixir
20 2000 fire, water, wind and earth skillseeds
25 2 Ability Tickets + 1 Crystal
30 5000 fire, water, wind and earth skillseeds
35 2 Ability Tickets + 1 Crystal
40 7500 fire, water, wind and earth skillseeds
45 2 Ability Tickets + 2 Crystals
50 1 Summon Ticket + 3 Crystals + 10,000 fire, water, wind and earth skillseeds
Every subsequent 5 levels 1 Ability Ticket

Ladder Rewards

Final Ranking Reward
1st to 500th 1 Lucky Egg + 50 Ability Tickets + 10 Crystals
501st to 1,000th 30 Ability Tickets + 10 Crystals
1,001st to 3,000th 15 Ability Tickets + 5 Crystals
3,001st to 10,000th 9 Ability Tickets + 3 Crystals
10,001 + 3 Ability Tickets + 2 Crystals

Tonberry King

The primary boss of this fight is the Tonberry King. It is a water element boss with a notably powerful attack called Karma. The boss will start off with low damage attacks such as Knife and Sharpened Knife.

As it takes more damage, loses its break gauge, it will do progressively more powerful attacks. After surviving a break, it will unleash its powerful attack Karma which will do massive amounts of damage which potentially may kill you in one hit.

Tonberry King also has access to powerful debuffs such as Debarrier, Debrave as well as its own buff Payback which increases its critical strike chance.

Tonberry also has the ability to use Water Lockout, which prevents you from drawing water orbs for a set number of turns as well as Evaporate which removes your water orbs. These attacks can be highly dangerous as it prevents you from driving water which is crucial to surviving Tonberry attacks.

Strategy Lvs 1-50

Levels 1-50 can be completed as any class with the proper deck. The first few stages of the fight will consist of random minor mobs or minibosses and the final battle will always be a Tonberry or later a Tonberry King.

As always in tower battles, single target attacks are the most effective as most of the fights will involve bosses.

Offensive Cards

Ifrit Sicarius Warrior Card
Ifrit Sicarius Ranger Card

Classes that are able to use fire element should use the Ifrit Sicarius card. If you do not have access to these cards, using Kirin, Dynamis or Ares will suffice easily.

If your class does not use a fire element, use whatever element that your class boosts the most in damage to maximise damage in the fights.

You should also bring a second element attack to the fights. It’s generally best that you bring the opposite element attack to your primary attack. For example, if you are using a fire attack, bring a water attack. If you are using a wind attack, also use an earth attack. This ensures that you do not get resisted by any type of mob.

Support Cards

Hades Card
Fat Chocobo Card
Yuna: FFX Card

Your final two cards should consist of support cards. These cards will keep you healed and buffed, which is vital for surviving the punishing attacks of the tower.

Fat Chocobo, Hades and Yuna are the best cards in keeping your character alive. Fat Chocobo’s barrier is exceptionally strong in mitigating constant damage and lasts for a maximum of 5 turns.

Hades allows your character to be constantly kept at full health provided you keep using auto attacks.

Yuna has a very powerful heal that allows you to recover almost all of your health.

Hermes Card
Moogle Card

In addition, a buff card is very useful in completing the tower. Powerful cards include Hermes (or Pure Wind), Aerith and Tifa, Moogle, Machina and Rem, and YRP: FFX-2.

Haste is a very powerful buff that increases your actions per turn, increasing both your offensive capability and chance to draw more life orbs.

Faith is also useful in ensuring that you deal enough damage to kill the boss in one hit.

Strategy 50+

The bosses of 50+ have a predefined order depending on the number of the fight and will repeat itself every 5 levels. The last boss is always the Tonberry King.

Level Boss #1 Boss #2
1 Tonberry Malboro
2 Behemoth Tonberry
3 Tonberry Shadow Dragon
4 2H Lich Tonberry
5 Tonberry Cockatrice

Support cards are mandatory for the later levels. For classes without drive heal, healing skills such as Hades, Yuna or Carbuncle become absolutely necessary to survive the sustained damage. Barrier from Fat Chocobo or Machina and Rem is also vital in being able to mitigate powerful attacks.

Water PuPu Card

Water Pupu can be used to further reduce 50% damage taken from water attacks, which massively increases survivability against Tonberry and potentially allows you to withstand his powerful Karma attack.

Later fights may require that you forgo the use of offensive spells and run multiple Water Pupu to survive the attacks from Tonberry, which makes the fight last much longer.

Haste from Hermes or Pure Wind, as well as other cards such as FFX: YRP, Aerith and Tifa, and 4 Warriors of Light are also very powerful as they increase your damage capability per turn and chance to draw life orbs.

Other powerful utility cards include Nekomata, which stuns the enemy and Glasya Labolas to lower the target’s magic.

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