2nd Exploration Map: El Dorado

Oct 18, 2016 by Ghuanda
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El Dorado is another huge map (76 Areas), comparable to the size of chapter 3! As per previous exploration map, El dorado also has the bonus seeds of the day! With Sundays offering a 1.5x to all seeds obtained.

What is of note in this map? 1st, there is a total of 7 summon tickets to be found here! This map also sees the 1st appearance of Idol Heads which drops the much coveted Molten core material for augmentation!

Summon Ticket location circled in red!


Part 1: Outside of the ruins


This area is actually very simple difficulty wise, the main lock into the ruins is locked until you clear 15 regions


Lock Requirement
1  Clear 15 Regions
2  Defeat 75 Enemies
3  Clear 7 Regions
4  Clear 8 Regions
5  Defeat 200 Enemies
6  Defeat 400 Enemies
7  Clear 18 Regions

Later on, there will be 3 locks that require you to kill 50 enemies with each of the job archetypes (Warrior, Ranger, Mage). It is highly recommended to clear off these requirements in this area due to the lower difficulty.

One easy way to keep track is to use one of the lock requirements as a counter. Eg, using the kill 400 enemies lock, just swap your job lass whenever the number goes up by 50.

Part 2: Entering the Ruins


Lock Requirement Lock Requirement
1  200 Shade Gems 6  Clear 40 Regions
2  Clear 60 Regions 7  360 Shade Gems
3  30 Shade Gems 8  120 Shade Gems
4  Clear 25 Regions 9  Clear 75 regions
5  60 Shade Gems 10  999 Shade Gems

In this area, enemies start to drop shade gems, these shade gems are required to enter certain areas of the ruins. You don’t have to worry so much about these gems for now as you can farm them from roaming bosses, just proceed along the unlocked routes.

This area is populated with water, earth and wind enemies, so bring along abilities/job to counter that. Make sure to note what elements each dungeon have before selecting a deck!

You can find Mindflayers, Killer Mantises and Diremites here. If you have completed Chapter 2 (which you should have), you should be familiar with these bosses.

Once you have successfully cleared 25 regions, the eastern side of the ruins is accessible and you can proceed there for more regions clears and shade gem farming.

Alternatively, you can unlock lock 1 with 200 shade gems and complete the middle portion of the ruins before proceeding to the eastern side of the ruins.

Part 3: Eastern side of the ruins


Lock Requirements
1 Defeat 50 enemies as Warrior Class
2 Defeat 50 enemies Ranger Class
3 Defeat 50 enemies Mage Class
4 100 Shade Gems
5 300 Shade Gems

At the Eastern Palace node, you can proceed to the Eastern Shrine of worship if you have cleared 25 regions, entering this area opens up additional areas and this is one out of 3 areas where Idol Head spawns.

photo349155522788829334 photo349155522788829336 photo349155522788829335

Idol Heads are not only good for their molten cores, but they also drop a whopping 50 – 100 shade gems! Very useful for speeding up Shade Gem farming. However, Idol Heads are no pushover, especially on hard mode.

The Idol Head attacks for 800+ with normal attacks, 1.3k with Firaga and 1.5k with Wham! Keep your HP above 1.5k at all times unless you have resist up or some defence stars on your job.

A class with high break with enwater and/or boost would allow you to break him in a few actions, Shiva Sicarius is useful against the Idol Head with its break damage limit.

If you are able to find a Vanille&Fang : FFRK or Tidus&Jecht : FFRK, you can rent them and use them against the Idol Head, they deal huge damage especially with weakness, alternatively you could try to just spam them through the break gauge.

This is also the area where the “kill 50 mobs with warrior/ranger/mage classes” are and they all have a summon ticket each in their chests!

Part 4: Western side of the ruins (Maze Solution)

By now, you should have accumulated 200 shade games to access the left area of the ruins. This area is where the mazes of the ruins are, and they can prove frustrating to those who do not know the mechanics of the maze. This area is also the 2nd area where Idol Heads spawn.

The mechanic of the maze is actually pretty simple, the locks alternate whenever a region is cleared within the maze. Each node also gives a moderate number of Shade Gems, reducing the need of farming.

Maze of Providence


This is a simple 3 region “maze”. Proceed in the order as follows

1) Earth
2) Teleport to entrance
3) Earth
4) Mandkind
5) Teleport to entrance
6) Heavens

Clearing this maze unlocks the next one, Maze of Axioms.

Maze of Axioms


This 5 region maze is much more complicated, but you can follow this pattern for a headache free run.

1) Justice
2) Teleport to entrance
3) Justice
4) Sincerity
5) Teleport to entrance
6) Benevolence
7) Sincerity
8) Courtesy
9) Teleport to entrance
10) Benevolence
11) Wisdom

Clearing both mazes unlocks a region to the left where a summon ticket lies in wait for you.

Part 5: Heart of the ruins


By now, you should have cleared 60 regions, otherwise, backtrack and unlock some of the other regions locked by shade gems or enemies kills, (skip the 999 one for now). In this region, the difficulty and the stamina usage per region starts to go up.

It is highly recommended that you have a maxed 4 panel job before tackling this area. At the end of the area, an Idol Head awaits you as a boss battle.

By now you should be familiar with Idol Head battles and clearing this area marks this exploration area as complete rewarding you with another summon ticket as a reward.


Clearing the Sacred throne region also allows Liches to spawn at the 1st area outside the ruins (Miasmatic, Dyadic & Imperial Lich)

Part 6: Bonus Regions at the Hidden Gate.

After obtaining the clear conditions for the map, you are free to roam around to farm up the 999 shade gems required to unlock the last lock at the hidden gate (or any others you have not unlocked). Chasing Idol Heads are the fastest way to go about doing this.

Note that Idol Heals drops 100 Shade gems if they spawn on a large node, and might drop less (50 – 75) if they spawned on a small node.

The 3 nodes above the hidden gate cost quite high stamina and they are of similar difficulty as compared to those in part 5 of the ruins. Clearing them gives you another summon ticket and unlocks the final node in the map: The Treasury.

The Treasury is a High stamina node with multiple waves of enemies and a Mindflayer boss to boot! Make sure to pack a form of healing, AoE abilities might be useful to clear the multiple enemies before they attack you.

photo349155522788829337  photo349155522788829339

The Mindflayer itself can be annoying too, he can stun you for 4 actions worth and hits hard with Aeroga.

You’ll want a job with wind elemental drive and an ability that breaks 9999 if you want to have a shot at clearing this in hard mode, otherwise, be prepared to throw down a Phoenix Down. Or you could just switch the difficulty to normal mode

For mages, consider renting a 4* maxed Vanille & Fang: FFRK card and spamming it with Faith without breaking the Mindflayer if you are having trouble.

Clearing this awards you with the 7th and final summon ticket!

Other Info

Roaming Bosses/Farming locations

  • Idol Head
  • Killer Mantis
  • Mindflayer
  • Diremite
  • Misamatic Lich
  • Dyadic Lich
  • Imperial Lich

Also the Circumfering Gardens is a nice spot for seed farming (3 stamina / 3 waves) due to its stamina efficiency. Try to find a setup that gives you 100k score and above and it will net you at least a 8.5 multiplier on the seed of the day.

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